Monday, July 7, 2014

i am here.

wow!  the last time i blogged was in Feb?
what is up with that? i mean it was a loooonggggg winter, but that is just is what it is...

i often write about making time for your art...or writing about your art, and i am guilty as charged.

in all fairness....
i wrote a book
i sold my house
i am packing up 25 years of stuff! and i am realizing how little i really need or want, that my friends, is life changing
i did teach at The Queens Ink in Maryland in March which i loved!
i wrote a book
went to cleavland for the book photo shoot
i bought a small condo in a 300 year old mill...i am embracing the tiny house really i am.
 only take with you what you really adore.
i have been overwhelmed
way overdue photos...

sneak peeks at some of the art for my book!

girl with flower

dress detail

the completed painting is of a red the saying...

so now that is summer i am trying to BREATHE..and continue complete my move the end of July....

i am teaching this fall  with ART IS YOU STAMFORD CT....and the after that ...for teaching?
i am not sure...i am sure i will be settled by then so there will be some teaching gigs, probs. small venues.
i will keep you posted...before FEB. i promise....
thank you for still stopping by and the book is looking very cool....i don't think i can say the title yet, but i do love it.
the book comes out MAY 2015 or maybe a bit before.
i will for sure be blogging before then.