Tuesday, January 7, 2014

gritty little hearts....Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2014

well these paintings are tiny...not my usual way .....Somerset knows how to  photograph art so it looks like, well eye candy.....in this case shaped like hearts. I am not a girly girl, but that heart shape keeps creeping into my work all the time, sometimes sweet, often gritty, but a heart. go figure.

like a quote by me!

I love the way they stacked the little paintings and took a side shot!

always a thrill to see your work in print!

speaking of print.....I have been working non stop painting for my upcoming book with F&W Media...
if you were at myhouse at the holidays I would have probably toseed you a turkey leg and then ran upstairs o my studio to put another layer on a painting! but if you are in the groove....keep painting. took a few days off and will be back in my studio this weekend, working on some drawings for the book. xoxo sue

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elizabeth said...

Awesome Sue! Congrats!!