Wednesday, June 19, 2013

coloring outside the lines.....

it is true...i do it....all the time....color outside the lines. i teach art to kids and i teach them to do it. inside the lines is overrated....same with that inside the box sorta thing. i wrote a blog post about it  Coloring Outside the Lines by Sue Pelletier on Create Mixed that was a mouthful.

painting using a stencil of mine

close up

gritty little heart

paint with pure abandoment.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

over the moon.... dream come true...Somerset Studio cover Art...

i am staying true to who i am as an artist.

because that is really all there is.

at least for me....right now.

ohhh yeah...i am indeed over the moon....dream come true....i just saw today that my painting is on the cover of Somerset Studio July know they don't tell just look at the magazine like everyone and think....hell yeah! that is my painting.! I am really excited because this painting is took it off the stretcher bars to mail it to them huge! actually who am i kidding there were no stretcher will have to read the article to find out! So not only is it big (out of my comfort zone) but it is the heart and soul of who i am as an artist....raw, gritty, familiar images and color palette.... when i did this painting i felt like i was back at Pratt Institute....kicking some painting ass  before heading out to the Pyramid Club. back to the painting roots. feels good.

xoxooxoox sue
more soon....i sorta promise!