Thursday, April 18, 2013

my new i am a columnist AND a social drinker...just sayin'.

I would be thrilled if you had a moment to check out my blog column post at  Create Mixed Media...
it is a subject true to my heart and a message i try to get across daily with teaching ....wether it is kids art or mixed media painting classes to adults. Make your work your own....then it has YOU in it! something no one elses piece of art can have in it.

 mixed media painting with well...a little bit of everything mixed in!

put some symbols of your life in your art!


Monday, April 15, 2013

paintings done with my Stencil Girl stencils!

so i got my stencils last week from Stencil Girl Products.....been crazy busy, teaching art to kiddos and in Nashville TN. teaching with Art Is You Art Retreats.... which was just soooo much finally this weekend I had time to play around with my stencils.... so i would like to share with you what i did ....
from the get go I wanted these LOOSE WOMAN stencils, to be very vision was that people could use the stencils and add their own personalities to them.... and by LOOSE you know i mean.....

free from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered:

not bound together: 

not put up in a package or other container: 

in a loose manner; loosely (usually used in combination): loose-flowing.

to let loose; free from bonds or restraint.

 to free oneself; escape: to send forth; set adrift or free: cut loose,

to become free, independent, etc.

 which really just about sums up so much!!!!
so here is my results form playing with my stencils.....

1. I collaged  canvases with paper, fabric...etc... all applied with gel medium!

so here is my canvas...this one is a 12"x 12" muslin on the left....paper etc.

here is the stencil i of my favorites!

so i used squeeze paint (black) to fill in the stencil lines...i used this product on purpose....i wanted a really RAISED line and i actually wanted it a bit....welll....not perfect....but loose!

 so when i lifted the stencil off ...this is what was left....i love the quirky, drippy image...

this was a great place to start....
i completed all the pieces i am posting with acylic paint....squeeze paint, pencil, and water based pastels... i am loving them becasue you can use the stencils...but totally make it your own.! love that!

so here are my completed pieces....each individual paintings on 9 x 12 " canvas...but very loose and painterly!

so here is the first one! using the stencil in my demo....

 stencil 2.... on fabric.

 dance your dance!!.... this piece is on more fabric...

 another variation of the stencil i used in my different from the first painting! that is WHY I LOVE THESE PAINTINGS!!!

 leap girl...leap....

using a stencil on gel mediumed crepe paper!

i hope you like my examples.....any questions leave a comment! not just becasue they are my stencils...but not for nothing they were a blast use!

xoxoox sue

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stencil girl products....

pretty cool you can buy my LOOSE WOMAN as stencils...check them out! and other really cool stencils that you are not going to find, well just anywhere....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

new art

looser woman...if that is possible. a pink dress she would wear if she wore dresses, rather than paint splattered clothes. i do know however know...she would so live in the little pink house.....