Saturday, February 16, 2013

loose woman , teaching and banter.....

i am so bad at seems like i am always on FB...posting pics and talking about the classes i teach ....and other random banter, often quite humorous coming out of my mouth.....if you are not hooked up with me there...please do. i am a regular.

 i have alot of really exciting things coming up! lots of teaching venues....more to be posted soon! small venues are great ! if any one is interested in having me teach a class with your group let me know. i love the energy and vibe from a large venue, but the intimacy of a small venue is equally as fabulous!

 i would like to share a new group of paintings with! i am having prints made of these and they will be available soon! but they make me happy, becasue i feel they are so painterly and loose...they remind me of the paintings i did years ago at Pratt.....

Loose Women by sue pelletier 2013


curves are good....laugh lines are better!

i will be reposting very soon as have something coming up in the next Cloth Paper Scissors magazine...and more fabulousness with Somerset Studio!

and many other teaching venues i need to post about.

xoxoxoox sue