Tuesday, November 19, 2013

hey guess what ? i am writing a book!

so excited! I am writing a book! A mixed media technique (lots of painting) using my imagery and color palette....many painting tips...how to use texture, well, everywhere...and rumor has it there will be perhaps a bit of humor in the book. (i hope i can pull that off). The book will come out spring 2015 with North Light Books ...who have thus far been amazing to work with! so winter is coming, i will literally painting up a storm! (please, many snow days)...and i have so many ideas flying about , that i cannot wait to get started...of course talk to me in a couple months...i will most certainly have gel medium in my hair, along with paint, and everything but the kitchen sink, but that is a good thing, as i am indeed most happy when walking around in paint splattered clothes.
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so with that...this is what i want to do....like more than anything, a dream come true....you are never to anything, to follow your dreams. make it happen. livin' the dream. xxooo sue


Jo Murray said...

A HUGE congratulations...hope it all goes well.

Maria McGuire said...