Sunday, May 5, 2013

new stuff...and it's all good.

i just had an article come out in Somerset Studio awesome because so many of my friends are in this issue. My article is about using personal imagery in your art....something that i soo believe in and when i teach i try to convey that message....what is important to YOU? paint, draw ,what is in your heart and soul. so here are some pics form the Somerset spread.....

 the Painted Quilt this is a class i am teaching at Create Mixed Media Retreat in Chicago

and here is a similiar style painting i am teaching at Art is You 2013 CT.

any way you  slice is about layering, fabric, paint and gels...

love my messy fingers..... they always look this way....

another over the moon ness! i am teaching summer 2014 with

Art is You! ROAD SHOW AUSTRALIA iam soooo excited!

so feeling the Aussie love! 
more to come on this later!

thank you for stopping by! xoxoxox sue

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Raylee said...

hope you enjoy australia......can't wait to find out where you will be coming to.