Thursday, April 18, 2013

my new i am a columnist AND a social drinker...just sayin'.

I would be thrilled if you had a moment to check out my blog column post at  Create Mixed Media...
it is a subject true to my heart and a message i try to get across daily with teaching ....wether it is kids art or mixed media painting classes to adults. Make your work your own....then it has YOU in it! something no one elses piece of art can have in it.

 mixed media painting with well...a little bit of everything mixed in!

put some symbols of your life in your art!



Rocky Cross Studio said...

Just went and checked out your wonderful article!! Love the site and now I have to run and get some Rigid Wrap and play!!!

Raylee said...

thank you ....what wonderful words of wisdom!!

Janice Brewster said...

I saw your Create columnist, then found you here. Love your work and all the layers. Cheers!

Janice Brewster said...

"column" not "columnist" :-)