Thursday, August 9, 2012

ART IS YOU....flags....floating and Juno.

I am just going to say it.....if you have been on the fence about taking an art retreat....for what ever reason....the kids are to young, too old, the dogs, the money......YOU deserve this. for your self. Creating art is good for your soul....when my kids were young I did not "have time" to make art....until literally i woke up one day and thought......hmmmmm i am at a playground with a bunch of other mothers and they are talking about the price of chicken.....not gel medium, not texture but F8&cking CHICKEN... SERIOUSLY right THEN my head almost exploded! I went home and took out my brushes, got some wood and began painting.....that was like 12 years ago...( I had always painted MFA before the kids)....SO take some classes. Magical is.... as Magical does and that is....ART IS YOU...
that is the retreat you need to save your money, time and energy by two fabulous woman....SALLIANNE AND ELLEN....they throw the glitter dust around and you will fall back in love with your creative side....and never look back. And you will be back every year! becasue you will think.....damn I have been talking about chicken tooooo looong.....If you come to CT. I am teaching on Friday night SWEATER SCULPTURES or as I like to call it GETTING PLASTERED!....the more the merrier with that!

 this is the painting my friend, Benjamin and I did for The ART IS YOU scholarship fund. Here is what we did...we pulvarized a mask, and we floated and we painted....we also drank iced coffee. WE DID HOWEVER NOT talk about chicken....because paint and gel medium are way better. So join us at ART IS.... you will be happy....and get plastered with me.
peace,float and blow bubbles,

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