Saturday, July 7, 2012

summer time.....

summer is here....and i have been floating in my salt water alot of floating..... a two week kids art camp i am running with a friend, spent last weekend painting with the fabulous woman from Art Is....You....EAst Coast Art Retreats, Sallianne and Ellen.....who are amazing and special beyond glitter on your shoes special. ok i could go on and on but i will not.....if you are looking to take a retreat there is magic at this your money....get cash back form the grocery store whatever! just come! here is the painting i did.....which is headed off to a special palce indeed....more on that later. I will also be in Chicago teaching at Create Mixed Media Retreats in Chicago another great destination!

here is what my painting says and words i live my life by:

dance your dance
love your children fiercely
share your unicorns
money does not buy happiness
speak kindly
only adopt pets from a shelter
blow bubbles
laugh everyday out loud so people can hear you
keep the people you love close to your heart
get the large fries
keep your passport up to date just in case
if you can't sing or dance, fake it
embrace diversity
commercialized holidays are over rated
costa rica is magical
the one with the most toys does not win
let the person with fewer items ahead of you in line.
there is something to be said for everything
go through life living the dream
be yourself
sue 2012
enjoying your summer days!
xx sue


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