Tuesday, May 1, 2012

painting tutorial....or how to get out your angst...

My friend Benjamin...
 shot my first on line class for me....Burlap and Paper Clay.....and then some.
While he was at my studio we decided to shoot a small tutorial, because, well, we could. The day before I had picked up a wood burning tool, for like $12, because when i saw the tool i immediately started having flashbacks to....Zodiac boots, Gunne Sax dresses and Tango. I have to say playing with that tool was fun, who would have thought burning into wood and painting over your image was so much fun.....i hope you like my short video and go right out and buy a wood burning tool. call Journey and tell them i sent you.

please stop by my new site and say hello! SUE PELLETIER LAUGH *PAINT


Kathy said...

Nice to hear you...lol!
I love this, it was fun to watch you create.

The Backporch Artessa said...

So much fun! You did a great job on your tute! Can't wait to hang out with ya in NJ!

Warner Carter said...

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