Thursday, March 22, 2012

new DVD from Interweave Press!

my new DVD from Interweave Press has hit the stands.... other than the fact that in the preview I look/ act like I am in a smoke filled martini lounge....not to self, do not do an interview after hours of taping! This DVD is full of techniques that will have you rocking the mixed media art world.! and the martini lounge!
Preparing To Paint with Sue Pelletier

on download, for those who need instant gratification, and get sent in the mail, for those who need to hold something in there hand.

How to Add.... Texture, Depth and PERSONALITY to your ART! and what is not to LOVE about all that?


Susan said...

So glad you've done another DVD. I have the first one and love it. Learned so much. Can't wait to see this one.

Jane LaFazio said...

and are you saying there's something wrong with a smoke filled martini lounge? :-) congrats on your new DVD!

Linda Harbin said...

Congrats on the new DVD! I love your art with all the texture and bright colors! Thanks for this great giveaway!
Linda Harbin

Liza said...

honorary Art chica here... I'm interested in this cd because i've been thinking about doing a series on background prepping with my students... different ways of distressing or layering backgrounds. This, because they're in the process of finishing making hand bound art journals... any hoooose, here's my comment... i'll follow your blog too! - Liza

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