Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Large and In Charge Paintings!

If you knew me ...or even if you did not you would perhaps be surprised to realize that I have an MFA from Pratt Institute.....This was the early 80's the East Village vibe was totally the place to be in the art world in was very bohemian, creative, energetic....I remember doing a play at the Pyramid Club, because well.... just because I could, Studio 54 was rocking ....I remember seeing Grace Jones, everywhere! We painted and chained smoked at Pratt, we traveled to Europe on literally a dime and saw the great masters. I cried when I saw David, it was just that friggin' amazing......I would never change my past it made me the person I am today, things are different, I can honestly say I have never owned a mini van, but I have settled in New England, I pay my bills and sometimes prepare nutritious meals for my children. Things are different but I am getting back into the big ass painting stage of my life. I am thinking of turning my family room barn into a large studio, because , well , I can. Here are some big paintings I have been working on! *LoVe*

this is a section of a fairly large painting

and yet, another section of the same piece.

large piece, tons of texture!

different piece, same look.

details*details*details *I am loving the number 3 lately!


I have some upcoming workshops based on some of this work. I will keep you posted! happy new year!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Loveland ,Colorado Cloth Paper Scissors DVD.....

Well....i am sitting in my hotel room, just finished up my second DVD with CPS! I was excited, nervous, and so ready! It is a televsion studio and i always feel like the disheveled Martha Stewart of the mixed media world. Literally 2 seconds into just SETTING up my set I had spilled gesso all over my shirt, and that was with a smock on! I had a blast, got messy, stumbled over a few words, and i believe said it will change your life more than once! here are some quick pics and I will blog more about this great experience later.....

here i am, remember the camera adds like 40 pounds!

here I am with Jenn Mason, editor, and one smart lady!

my background with some of my work!

 more work....


more on this experience (and info) to follow....but i was so excited i wanted to share!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am in Colorado....and it is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

I am in Colorado, filming my second DVD with Cloth Paper Scissors and Interweave press....My shoot is tomorrow, and I will post pics very soon! This dvd is going to be strictly on painting, which is my true passion, well that and snowmen. If you want to catch my last dvd which is all about suface build up.... you can find it HERE. It would be a good prelude to this next one which will be out in a couple months I would guess! ps. it is snowing in Colorado and I may want to move to Boulder!

peace* laugh* paint