Tuesday, July 12, 2011

this past weekend....

ok, i am thinking about this past weekend, sort of floating on cloud nine, and I am usually not a cloud nine type of girl , more like an even keel cloud 5 type... but i was thrilled to be invited to teach at Art IS....Art in the Garden.  and i can't stop thinking about the great time i had. My July 2011 Somerset Studio Party Dress Article was my jumping off point for this class...we were using doll and baby clothes to dip into plaster and create a painting! So textural, so gloppy. Here is a group photo of the ladies....

everyone did such an amazing job, jumped right in so to speak! But here is what I have been thinking, the most important part of the day to me was the chance to be around kindred spirits, women who paint, create and realize if they do not their head may just pop off, if you are not an artist, i still love you , but you don't get THE NEED TO CREATE that an artist lives with. I live in a great town in New England but often I will find myself in the grocery store or attending something at my kids school and i will be in the middle of a conversation with someone about, well just say the price of hamburger, or a pair of capris they picked up on sale and I am nodding my head and thinking ARGGHHHH.....i really just want to slap some paint around, or maybe search for junque to use in my art, because in reality I do not care about the price of hamburg or capris. THAT is why I love getting together with other women artists, words do not even have to be spoken and we are rummaging, offering encouragement, sharing paints and gel medium, WE ARE ALL GETTING IT! I loved that about this past weekend and I will love that 
about CREATE in Chicago! People who totally get the art VIBE!
So thank you art woman from this weekend , you made me happy and thrilled to be able to share the day with you and create! xx

Art in the GArden!


the next thing i knew my paintings were displayed on a wooden ladder, looking like that was totally where they should be!

 the kits for the art chicas!

dip your party dress!
xx sue