Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer and Somerset Studio July 2011!

 party dress article July 2011 Somerset Studio
very painterly.....

 you've been published in! first time in this magazine!
seriously, their photography is some serious eye candy!

 close up of my painting..texture, layers and paint!

 kinda cool Somerset is doing a challenge, inspired by my piece.

below is another painting... small 8"x10"
why yes, it is another party dress.

 and....another painting....i am into the globs of paint!

it has been months since i have posted anything on my blog....life has gotten in the way of my art making lately, and we know how that usually ends up....i have been busy creating but juggling it all is tough, hopefully now that school is out i can get back in the art groove....very exciting new i have my first article ever to be published in Somerset Studio! They do such an amazing job with their photography...eye candy art work! I am beyond thrilled to be in their magazine! and speaking of party dresses.....Next week I am teaching a class in New York! at ART IS.....Summer Series... and I believe there is a couple spots open if you want to head to NY. and get messy with a fabulous group of art chicas!
peace, love and art!
xx sue