Friday, March 4, 2011

Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker....

I was so beyond thrilled awhile back when Pam Carriker asked me to contribute to her book! I was over the moon excited, a challenge, an adventure and a new art direction for myself all rolled into one! Often my work is inspired by a memory from childhood, a moment in the past that has stayed with me for years. These may not be "the most important" memory, it may be something as simple as a thought, or a feeling, but for some reason it stays with you, through my art I often like to capture those moments.... The simple dress form is an image I have been playing with for some time. It may be a little girl's dress or a doll dress, but I am drawn to these images and they have allowed me to explore and experiment with techniques, while allowing the image itself to stay fairly simple.

this painting is the finished piece that I began on my CPS features of all things tile backer tape!

this painting is very textural and created with fabric, gel medium and reminds me of my daughter Harly when she was a little girl, she would love to wear flowing dresses, always with little black leather boots!

I am showing a close up of a painting where I used fabric and old quilt scraps collaged onto the canvas.

more dress!

 this piece has me staying with my dress form but allowing other images to take shape!

I love this piece because it is very girly but a bit edgy with the graphite lines. A dress after my own heart.

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layer,paint,texture and layer some more!!!
sue pelletier