Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowman Blog Hop!

fit all started here 2 winters ago! they were indeed a hit with the cool snowman crowd! everyone was making snowmen form vintage bottles! The best part is there is no wrong way or right way to do this! play, mess, explore scrounge around or cool junque!

Come check out some of my snowmen  i created for this year...they have homes in twinky shops and sparkly homes!
If you want to learn to make these snowmen you could! just in time my class at Creative Workshops Online my snowman class is ending the end of January I would love for you to join and play!quick before the next storm hits! The Button for Creative Workshops is on my blog, you may want to check it out very cool mixed media classes, easy peasy from your toasty warm home!
 But enough about that! please check out my snowman they were featured 2 winters ago on the cover of CPS and caused a FLURRY of activity!
                                          some of my favs! sitting in sterling silver flutes!

i love this funky guy! he is in a tea cup chillin with some of his bottle friends! more paper mache for him!
another close up...this guy does not have his glitter on yet! these 2 guys are created from vintage salt and pepper shakers! with a fabulous patina

this guy has a vintage spool for a hat!

snowman party... ready to head out to magical twinkly shops!

Please check out these talented ladies and the variety of their work! Lot's of blog/love/prizes/candy too! so sit back have a cup of tea and check out the snowmen! Remeber if you want a lesson on how to create these
 vintage snowmen check out the Creative Workshops linky.

Angella Crockett
Barb Foster
Deb Felts
Holly Brown
Jen Carter
JenMarie Taylor
Joan Ervin
Julie Ranae
Kim Sears
Laurie Willison
Linda Duke
Linda Lucus
Lynn Stevens
Pam Imholz
Patti Gilliam
Sue Pelletier you are here!
Stacy Rogers

Monday, January 10, 2011

oops! i sorta forgot i had a blog....

it has literally been months since i wrote my last post! i believe it was right off the fall gig of Art Is....i have been sooo busy, but mostly taking care of my new life and my kids and my dogs.trying to get some art in, writing up some  hopeful teaching gigs and realizing that after 22 years i thought i knew someone, but really did not....trying to let the hurt and pain go away and in it's place have peace and honesty. i have learned, you really should balance a check book, my friends and kids are the best, i really like snowmobiling,   i truly believe what goes around comes around ,i can find humor in just about everything and people at the most unexpected times have made me smile and think it is time to get on with this job of healing. i am sharing some bits of work i have been creating, mostly painting, actually all painting....globs and heaps of paint, scratching into the surface of with.....fingers, pencils and crayons....the thing about creating art is you are in the moment....these are some of my recent moments....

someone who's work i respect greatly asked me, if i thought my art would change, would it head in a new direction? i still love periwinkle,apple green and graphite pencils, images of childhood and quirky sayings, i may howver be scratching into that paint a little harder with more angst, but that is all good.