Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art Is....2010, 2011...

I was so  thrilled, to be able to attend Art Danbury CT. just last week!   I even taught a snowman making class, sort  of last minute but non the less fabulous. Amazing women, talented, friendly, laugh out loud kinda art girls.I was sad I was not able to stay the entire week, but dogs and teenagers had  me driving back and forth down rte. 84 a couple times ...but it was  soooo worth it! I am on the official teaching list for 2011 with many art chicas! pictures please????
my beautiful daughter and the beautiful Kecia....
snowman class photo!  we had so much fun....and some more pics....
me and Diana we actaually shot our dvd's for Cloth Paper Scissors back to back, but never had a chance to meet, so it was great to meet her in person.
Tracy was a blast! Laugh out LOUD! Harly adored her and she was so sweet to gift Harly with some fab. Artgirlz STUFF...just some of the knock your soxs off kindered peeps!
what a great time and I cannot wait until 2011! with bells on!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

and so it goes....

i have been avoiding the blog world! i have been busy with my life, my work my kids etc. after 22 year of being married i am suddenly a single mom with two teenagers and two dogs...the fence needs painting...the air conditioners need to come out....and why is my service engine  ,light blinking? will all be ok.that is that with the personal the art vibe....i have been busy! here is everything in a nutshell....
Cloth Paper Scissors Video-Giveaway!

        click here and leave a message about texture on Jenn Masons a painting by me.

ok this is the dvd, not the painting....but check that out too! Jenn's blog has the painting pic.
also....doing a video for...Creative Workshops....yes the vintage bottle snowmen! I am so excited about this venue!

also....did vendor night at fun! a pic or two to share!

why looky here? more snowmen!

                                                                   and paintings!

also....I am very excited about heading up to Maine in November for Artescape!!!! This is going to be soooo much fun and in the fabulous Portland, Maine....Vintage Holiday Frenzy!

                                               one thing i have learned these last couple of months..keep calm (struggling with this) and carry on. ohhh and also i am the type of person who doesn't need a million friends, give me a few good ones i can call at all hours and i am good. thank you to my peeps.ohhh and also when in doubt make SNOWMEN!