Monday, August 30, 2010

vendor night at CREATE.

what a night! packed with people ...looking, shopping, chatting...i had so much fun! the great thing was....everyone GOT IT! that was so amazing to me i met the most fabulous, artistic women from all walks of life...thank you thank you have no idea how YOU made my week in Chicago! here are some picsa of my booth set up for vendor night before the mad dash of shopping frenzy began...

so much ARt at vendor night! loved it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

CREATE!!! in Chicago!

ok....i have never taught at such a large CREATE with Cloth Paper Scissors....well not in the last 10 years ...i was excited, a bit nervous (i am not going to lie)....i teach art to 300 kids a week....but adults? not so much. let me tell you I LOVED IT! both my classes had the most amazing women in it! all ages all levels....all fantastic!!! my first class was the Birdscape class...and we rocked it! Their work was beyond believe to me! each student took my directions and created  fabulous  ART with their own spin/take on a Birdscape which is totally what i wanted to are some pics of the most fabulous ladies in my class! and their amazing work! xx


                                           this was the sign to my class....i even loved that!

THANK YOU LADIES for the most amazing time...your inspiration and enthusiasm made me so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you! remember we LOVE ...heavy  gel matte medium, walnut spray and my secret ingredient of shimmer love! we also LOVE shaper paper, HVAC tape and Pariscraft!

 honestly, the pleasure was all mine!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

retreat kits,summer and REALLY?

the REALLY is because my life is moving and grooving around me and i am trying to get a grip. change forces you to take a look at your life, see what is important, hold those things close and brace your self. change is good, that's what they say, we'll see??? i am so excited to be headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks to teach at the  CREATE RETREAT with Cloth PAper Scissors! I have been creating the kits that will be used for my classes!

 the kit

these are the kits for my  BIRDSCAPES class!

 and these....are the kits for my DROPCLOTH girls class!

how cute are they?

they were fun to make! and a total studio cleansing!

these are the cards i created for the various venues i have coming up!

so fun!  from VISTAPRINT
muy important info on the back side!

i am used to teaching art to kids, which i love... i can't wait to work with other artists in Chicago! xx
enjoy last weeks of summer!