Saturday, July 24, 2010

christmas in july...

it is HOT! in new england...sticky, hot and my studio is not air conditioned i have not been spending much time creating...early in the morning before it gets steamy, maybe. i did have a burst of energy yesterday and started making some snowmen. these are  works-in-progress...i still have to add some sparkle and embellishments...i learned my lesson last year when between thanksgiving  and christmas i was  CRAZY making these guys. the thing i love about , these snowmen is putting all the piece together, making the crazy little hats and scarfs, adding personality to each piece... i am very excited in november i will be co teaching a class at ARTASCOPE in Maine...portland maine! more on this later....we will be creating snowmen and other fabulous holiday decor....soon....soon i will be sharing...i will be teaching this class with Catherine Mathews-Scanlon who has some amazing ideas!
so here are some works-in-progress....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Textures for Collage: Build 'em Up! (Download) - Interweave

Textures for Collage: Build 'em Up! (Download) - Interweave

blatant self video is available now for download for a mere $14.95! wow! oh my! fabulous! yikes-i-hope-my-hair-looks good....did we say the camera adds....what? 40 pounds?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

completed dvd work!

these pieces are a few examples of the completed work from the dvd!
it felt funny making that dvd, where the focus was on building up surfaces, but on the dvd i am not really completing work...i talk about layers (who doesn't) and these pieces are finito! after layers and layers ...this last painting of the dress is the piece i created in the promo, several folks emailed me about seeing that piece finished...the bottom of the painting is the tile backer tape, here you can really see the textured surface after all the paint is applied! these are not great camera is being wonky but you get the main idea.
i am actually doing a rain dance in new england today...we need rain bad, and it is an excuse to have a lazy day! peace,love ART.

Friday, July 16, 2010

sneak peek of my dvd with Cloth Paper Scissors!

my upcoming dvd with Cloth Paper Scissors is all about surface build up....ever look at a white canvas and this dvd i demonstrate tons of ways and techniques to begin building up your canvas surface....from plaster to paper mache....put some dimension in your art! i would be thrilled if people could view this video  play with techniques and make them their own! so often in art one idea leads to another....inspiration stops by at the most unsuspecting times! i just got back from a once in a lifetime vacation and i will be posting pics soon! enjoy your lazy days of summer!