Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last week of Art CaMp....

i love this ink portrait Eliza painted.!..i would frame it...LOVE IT!
hanging over the fireplace worthy!....
 check out these paper mache funky ice cream cones!

anthony and his ice cream creation...cherry included!

model magic suns!
inspired by mexican crafts.

prints created with foam stamps the kids made!

 Expressive  ink portraits! with layes of texture...

more house prints...

tommorrow wraps up the last day of camp...then it is vacation!it has been fun and i love the that all the art has a mixed media vibe to it! xoxo

Friday, June 25, 2010

kids art!

statue of liberty on velour paper... a nod to the black velvet painters! printing !

this was our last day of camp this week....we did some gyotaku fish printing, paintings on silk hoops, we created symmetrical butterflies, funky pollack inspired sculptures...and statue of liberties! we had a great week....and next week will be all new projects! great job kid artists!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

kids Art CaMp....

pop ART gumball machine inspired by WayNe ThiebaUd

mexican inspired sun faces!

inspired by Paul Klee!

more fabulous kids art from my Art Camp! this weeks program ends tommorrow! Love the gumball machines! i believe kids should  be exposed to excellent materials....oil pastels, watercolor paper and bright vibrant watercolor paints.KNOCK YOUR SMOCK OFF!!!xoxo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

palm trees and POP art mickey...

look at these palm tree paintings!

day 2 into Art CAmp...i was thinking last night...i teach art all year why do i love the 2 weeks of camp i teach in the summer SO much, love the year long teaching gig also , but it is a different vibE....then it came to me ,...the summer is all about ART FOR ART SAKE! no grading kids art (UGH) no school goals,no assessment, no lesson plans, no meetings,  no paper work! no list of objectives,  did i mention no meetings? kids creating art  just because THEY LOVE ART! and i get to work with them without worrying about all the other rig-a-ma-roll which makes my head explode! that is why i love my summer art camp! and now some fabulous kid art to share!

Pop ART Mickey!

and do you not love this POP art sundae sculpture?

all work is created by artists ages 6-10 years old.!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer art camp for kids!

check out these amazing GECKOS!

well... it is no secret that i am a HUGE fan of kids ArT! i have been an art teacher in the same school for 20 years! in fact it is the only job i have ever had (except waitressing)...during the summer i run a 2 week art camp for kids ages 6-10 with a friend. my daughter HArly works with me....the camp is in the town i live in (not the town i teach in) so i bring my usual  art tricks with me to camp. check out the kids work.....

textured PAul Klee landscapes

great work by fabulous KID ARTISTS! more pics all week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

july/august cover of CPS!

the new CPS came in the mail yesterday! I was in sitting on the floor going "hot flash" i literally had no idea my paintings were going to be on the cover!  these are mixed media bird paintings created on plaster board. i love this technique because you can carve and scratch into the plaster, thus it is messy and therapeutic to do. this is one technique i covered on the CPS dvd i shot last month....i have been into birds lately because my kids are teenagers (which could really be another new blog) and i feel like they are flying out of the i am thrilled and honored to be a cover girl this summer with CPS. ! thank you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art IS.....

my elementary school  art exhibit was last week. the kids take home their art portfolios, which is all the amazing art they create all year. the front of the portfolio has a " stamp" on it and I tell the kids to write anything about art they want! they are spoken like true artists....

this piece is a paper mache heart on canvas, i am totally into the stitching on canvas now.....who would have thought! ohhh and THICK gobs of paint! using my fingers to paint! try that!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

modeling paste painting...

oops...forgot about this guy! this is a completed piece with various texture and build up, including lots of modeling paste, fabric,papers, ands paints!
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loveland, colorado with Cloth Paper Scissors...

works in progress!

burlap and paper clay!

lights camera action!

i love this piece...a vintage paper doll dress on canvas!

well....two weeks ago I went to colorado to shoot a video with Cloth Paper Scissors! lots of prep work before the shoot, and butterflies for the first few takes....then it was actually rather fun....the video explains several different techniques i use in building up canvas/wood surfaces, ranging from plaster to burlap... to joint compound tape (it comes in polka dots) to paper crinoline. I am excited to have it come out (i think July) because honestley there are a couple spots where I am babbling away...oh and i wasn't looking in the right camera soooo they put a picture of johhny depp inside the camera so i was talking to him....although i am not sure johnny wants to learn how to use modeling paste and stencils....actually maybe he does. i will let you know when the video comes out! peace,love art!

eat cake painting!

assorted sideways small canvases! using layering techniques!