Thursday, July 22, 2010

Textures for Collage: Build 'em Up! (Download) - Interweave

Textures for Collage: Build 'em Up! (Download) - Interweave

blatant self video is available now for download for a mere $14.95! wow! oh my! fabulous! yikes-i-hope-my-hair-looks good....did we say the camera adds....what? 40 pounds?


lynda Howells said...

love itxxlynda

Diana Trout {} said...

wowza, Sue! The dvd clip is fab. You use such interesting materials. And your hair is excellent.

Anonymous said...

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The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Oh Boy Sue, I'm so getting this DVD. WOW, watched the Clip and it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing with all of us your fab techniques. Have a great Tuesday!

Marilyn Rock said...

I ordered your download video and had a chance, last night, to view it! WOW! It's jam-packed! Thank you! A side note: I've been thinking about purchasing the Shaper Paper but see it's very expensive. I'll try Michael's with a coupon soon. Thanks for a great tutorial!

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