Friday, July 16, 2010

sneak peek of my dvd with Cloth Paper Scissors!

my upcoming dvd with Cloth Paper Scissors is all about surface build up....ever look at a white canvas and this dvd i demonstrate tons of ways and techniques to begin building up your canvas surface....from plaster to paper mache....put some dimension in your art! i would be thrilled if people could view this video  play with techniques and make them their own! so often in art one idea leads to another....inspiration stops by at the most unsuspecting times! i just got back from a once in a lifetime vacation and i will be posting pics soon! enjoy your lazy days of summer!


Pam Carriker said...

Awesome Sue, your a natural!

Gina Lee Kim said...

Sue, you make me want to go to Home Depot. Like right now! I will not feel complete until I get some tile backer tape & joint compound tape (ha).

Huge congratulations on your video! I have it on pre-order :)

Libby lydia said...

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