Tuesday, July 20, 2010

completed dvd work!

these pieces are a few examples of the completed work from the dvd!
it felt funny making that dvd, where the focus was on building up surfaces, but on the dvd i am not really completing work...i talk about layers (who doesn't) and these pieces are finito! after layers and layers ...this last painting of the dress is the piece i created in the promo, several folks emailed me about seeing that piece finished...the bottom of the painting is the tile backer tape, here you can really see the textured surface after all the paint is applied! these are not great pics....my camera is being wonky but you get the main idea.
i am actually doing a rain dance in new england today...we need rain bad, and it is an excuse to have a lazy day! peace,love ART.


Pam Carriker said...

I love it Sue! Thanks so much for posting the finished piece and HUGE congrats on the DVD-that's awesome!

Renee Troy said...

Love the finished piece...you rock!

Leslie Anderson said...

Can't wait til my DVD arrives!!!

Gina Lee Kim said...

Sue, I just finished your dvd (before going into work; doing a double shift today). What better way to start my day!

I LOVE these finished pieces.
I LOVE how you take something like joint compound tape & take it to a new level.
I LOVE how inspiring you are. That is your gift. I look at everything in my world now and say, "Hmmmm what if I could incorporate this?...."

Of course I'd rather use plaster gauze than what my patients use....but then again :)

p.s. I live in MA as well. I am also teaching at Artascope in the fall. I'd love to take a layer workshop someday with you.

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