Tuesday, June 22, 2010

palm trees and POP art mickey...

look at these palm tree paintings!

day 2 into Art CAmp...i was thinking last night...i teach art all year why do i love the 2 weeks of camp i teach in the summer SO much, love the year long teaching gig also , but it is a different vibE....then it came to me ,...the summer is all about ART FOR ART SAKE! no grading kids art (UGH) no school goals,no assessment, no lesson plans, no meetings,  no paper work! no list of objectives,  did i mention no meetings? kids creating art  just because THEY LOVE ART! and i get to work with them without worrying about all the other rig-a-ma-roll which makes my head explode! that is why i love my summer art camp! and now some fabulous kid art to share!

Pop ART Mickey!

and do you not love this POP art sundae sculpture?

all work is created by artists ages 6-10 years old.!!!

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Melissa S. said...

You have some promising artists in this batch! I love how the kids respond to your projects...so cool