Saturday, March 27, 2010

b is for bluebird

new paintings....small 4"x4" canvas (wide edge)...sweet bluebirds, painted,collaged and painted some more. a few reasons for the bird motif....the kids are flying the nest, heading out and about there, lovely but bittersweet...i am actually thinking of getting a bluebird tattoo which got me sketching and painting...had a moment of thinking hmmmm wonder what you need to learn to be a tattoo artist....that would certainly be a career change...also, at a fabulous antique store i saw a paint-by-number painting from the early 50's...there is something about those quirky little scenes that brings back pure nostalgia, i tried to capture that paint-by-number vibe with these paintings....bluebirds!!!
also....some VERY exciting news is that i will be an instructor at the Cloth Paper Scissors Create art retreat in August!!! more on this exciting artful bliss fest soon....with links and info to follow!


Erin Butson said...

these are precious. love them. i'm always drawn to your style.

My family and other animals said...

All your stuff is really inspirational. Am trying to have a go. Hope to be half as good as these.
Tracey x

paige said...

Sue, Your work is just beautiful! I added you to our favorites (both Where Women Create and The Creative Connection) on Facebook and to our blog roll. Thanks so much for sharing!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I love these a lot. Amazing work. Just stunning :-)