Friday, November 27, 2009

a winter wonderland

my snowmen have traveled to Concord MA. to a magical place called Nesting on chance while shopping at Brimfield (the most unbelievable flea market in New England), I came across a booth which was full of tin letters and numbers, wooden blocks and metal trinkets. Naturallly I was in flea market heaven and got to chatting , only to find they were indeed the owners of Nesting...I had been to their shop a couple of times, fell in love with the space, the magic, the artful treasures. One thing led to another ...which tends to happen at flea markets and I ended up telling them about my snowmen were exchanged....and to be honest I didn't really think of Nesting until this past August when I was up in the area taking a class ....I stopped by the shop and made an appointment in October, to show them the little guys. I am thrilled that my snowmen are available at this special shop...their holiday set up is eye candy, it truly is like nothing I have ever seen... .....magic.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

i am thankful for my kids,my friends who make me laugh,my dog whos' paws smell like fritos and my most comfortable bed in the world,and did i mention my kids?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

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bird home detail

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square home canvas

these small pieces are on wide edge canvas...collaged with old ledgers, vintage patterns and metal tape, the bird is paper mache with long wire legs...the polka dots are well...just that polka dots....when in doubt add polka dots or glitter...or both!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

snowmen and bird homes....

just a peek at a few more pieces that are out and about...snowmen and some polka dotted houses, with a paper mache bird hanging by....these houses are a bit different for me but i seem to be on a polka dot kick (some of you will get that) and they seemed to be the perfect combo, i love the long wire legs on the bird, gived him a funky edge....and i am making and sending out snowmen galore...i feel i have turned into that crazy artist lady making snowmen in her studio all day...( i just may be that lady!) i have tried creating these in the summer when i am not teaching...but it is hard to create snowmen when it is 9o* out....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

flea market sunday....

i hit a sorta local flea market today, and actually did not get there until after noon...(which really is like 11, with the time change, by the way THAT will take me weeks to get used to) usually when i head out for yard sales is pretty early because i am so paranoid someone will GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF!! everyone in new england looking for old christmas tinsel?????hmmm...maybe not...but like many things flea marketing/yard sales are a hit or miss type of excursion....i did VERY well today!! here is my fabulous finds...not to mention the fact that i LOVE the people i meet particularly the sellers, i tend to gravitate to the quirky individual type folk....