Thursday, April 30, 2009

FUN Challenge....

I am new to etsy and new to a mixed media team called Melange Team they have started doing challenges and this week i joined in on the haha's.... the piece is titled FUN HOUSE and is created from a section of an old doll house and a piece of an antique wheelbarrow....layers and layers of paint and favorite vintage game pieces, old keys and charms...why is at at 48 these things make me sooooo happy? I will be adding this piece to my etsy site shortly.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mooooooo CArds!!!

My new batch of Moo Cards came in the mail today! a fun company to do business with....and i love to pick and crop the art work...i use them as tags on all my work and this bunch has my new blog address on the, not my barely-hanging-on-by-a-thread web site. Here is a group photo of the new cards....

inspired by my daughter, Harly...who makes me LAugh!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is one of my pieces coming out in CPS. Ballerina girl....these were so much fun to create i think i will be heading in this direction for awhile! I just listed this piece on my new etsy sight which is a new learn as you go venue for me ....i would love for you to stop by and check it out!

May/June issue of CPS!!!

I am very excited about my new article coming out in Cloth, Paper Scissors! This series of paintings were inspired by my 13 year old daughter HArly, when she was a little girl. The title is Playful Paintings and they are created with many mediums including paper mache! I just love to build up surfaces....on wood, canvas...whatever...I am beginning to build up canvas surfaces with i just can't get enough of these ballerina girls!

Friday, April 17, 2009

more house....

still going with the house image but creating out of wood and nailing it to a wooden base. A couple years ago I used beeswax quite a bit in my work...i wanted to get back to that so this piece is a mixed media piece, layered with paper, paint and a final coat of beeswax....which is also great to go back into and draw, and re-melt....the texture and patina are quite fabulous. I used metal measuring tape to frame up the piece...and gel mediumed 3 vintage blocks on top. i just can't get away from vintage toys, game pieces etc....and really why would i? when the stash grows low luckily it's yard sale and flea market time!...the thrill of the hunt....
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

newest work!!!

this is one piece from a new series I completed....(not this particular piece) but 3 similiar pieces are going to be in the MAy/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors...they are layered and layered and paper mache-d...on canvas...this series was inspired by my fabulous daughter who is 13, and makes me laugh every day...check out the article! I am posting this piece on my etsy site...

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


some of my favorite sculptural pieces to make are these whimsical clay cupcakes....i pick up ramkins or funky little pots at yard sales and thrift stores...that is my base...the "cake" is created from clay...i love sorting through my "stash" to come up with embellishments to add to these....i have done several custom orders for with alot of my work i like to work on more than one at a time...which when i think about it i can't imagine working on one of anything at a time!

chair collage with bird

this is from a series of chair collages i created....there is something about the big overstuffed chair....i began building up the surfaces of my canvas with paper mache and layers and layers of tissue paper and my favorite vintage patterns....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I took some photos outside today...piled the artwork on an old green drawer i got at a yard sale for $1...natural light and a sunny day (finally) in New England ....hopefully more to come soon...
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vintage suitcase table....

this table was published in the 2nd Studios Edition of my FAV. mag. Cloth Paper Scissors...they asked me to create a mixed media table...and I did!

this is a new batch of houses created from an old cabinet door I picked up at a yard sale....enough wood for maybe....20 houses....i think i have a new shop in line who will carry matter what new work I am creating I always come back to the houses...they're fun and gives me a chance to use up some of my stash!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cloth paper Scissors

this is my FIRST publication by the fabulous Cloth Paper Scissors....this was January 2008.... and it has been great with them! and it is indeed my favorite magazine!

it's gotta start sometime....I have been procrastinating about a blog...but i think it's the way to go....keep changing and moving ahead... I am very excited to have a new article coming out this month in Cloth Paper Scissors... new work for me very was so much fun creating...
although I do still LOVE all my vintage pieces and rulers....what is it about numbers that makes me soooo happy?...just the numbers, not math mind you!!!