Thursday, December 10, 2009

tea cup snowman!

i picked up a set of these very fun cups and saucers this fall at a church rummage sale, i loved the colors green,white and black...and thought they would make a perfect base for a set of paper mache snowmen. this little guy has a matching set of vintage buttons and a salt shaker hat.if you could see my studio when i am working on several of these pieces at a time, you would see that everything is spread out EVERYWHERE and i am left with a tiny plot of table space to work, but if i don't have everything at arms reach i spend to much time looking and would think wow! or you would think....crazy! i have been working on a few new painting series, one of which will be coming out in the Jan./Feb. issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors which i am very excited about because they are very painterly! (if that is not a word it should be)....and they are portraits!....with a bit of a twist. can't wait. love, love, love that mag!

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teri said...
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teri said...


Lucy said...

Love your glitzy snowmen, Sue! Can't wait to see your painterly portraits!! whoohoo! congrats!

ArtSnark said...

fun snowman! I work the same way -the tricky part is remembering to clean up :D Congrats on the new work!