Tuesday, December 29, 2009

miss ELOISE...finally in our forever home!

I first saw the picture of Eloise posted on Bernie Berlin's blog A Place To BArk http://www.aplacetobark.com/ that was in August! Bernie is an amazing artist who's love and empathy for the animals she rescues is mind blowing! Through this Eloise journey my 14 year old daughter told me "Bernie is my idol"One thing led to another and we actually did not get Eloise until December 21st. But she is here, warm, loved and cuddled as all animals should be , but sadly are not. From the bottom of my heart Bernie thank you for all you did to help Eloise on her journey to our home. When I saw a picture of Eloise in August I knew right away she was meant to be part of our family...she had that fiesty yet sweet look in her eye! THANK Y0U! Miss Eloise is the gray sweetie and of course Murrie is our 2 year old rescue pup from Mississippi!


whyte said...

Kudos to all of those who volunteer at rescues, and who help place the fur balls in such wonderful homes! There is a place in Heaven for all of you! :)

Julie Bergmann said...

I'm so excited for you Sue! We are so in love with Pom Pom! She is the greatest little friend! I know Eloise will be the same!

What a small world it is! I can't believe we will both be in Pam's book!

I hope some day we can meet! We already have a bond!

I definitely want to see more pics of Eloise!


Melissa S. said...

ELOISE!!!! Your new girl is so gorgeous, can't wait to meet her!

Maija said...

You are a wonderful family and I know Eloise will be very happy with you Sue!
Happy New Year!

kyle said...

Hope all is well with the new little pooch and Murrie is happy with a new friend! Let's talk soon.