Friday, September 4, 2009

beeswax .....

beeswax house painting/collage...this piece is created on an old drawer...the background is collaged with a vintage Dick and Jane story...the piece is framed out with measuring tapes and topped with children's blocks spelling out HOME.... the painting is sealed with beeswax..which i tend to apply thick and a bit messy....hmmmmm.....i like the texture this way better than an even application with the sheen...because i am just not an even application type of gal. i tend to be a bit gloppy...any how i am on the look out for old drawers as i am going to work on more of these...also i am sendig off some work to Cloth PAper Scissors about another possible i am very excited about that....let's just say it involves sewing and i haven't sewn since 8th grade with Mrs. Vaughn in home ec....but i am on the lookout for a sewing machine....a sewing machine and old drawers....nice.

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