Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the book....the book...the shoes....

 poor neglected blog....facebook has my number and that is where i head to when i have time....time to give the blog a makeover and some TLC

the shoes.....just because

the book! soon to be at stores in your area
and certainly at Amazon

i love it i hope you will too!

Monday, July 7, 2014

i am here.

wow!  the last time i blogged was in Feb?
what is up with that? i mean it was a loooonggggg winter, but that is just ...well...it is what it is...

i often write about making time for your art...or writing about your art, and i am guilty as charged.

in all fairness....
i wrote a book
i sold my house
i am packing up 25 years of stuff! and i am realizing how little i really need or want, that my friends, is life changing
i did teach at The Queens Ink in Maryland in March which i loved!
i wrote a book
went to cleavland for the book photo shoot
i bought a small condo in a 300 year old mill...i am embracing the tiny house movement...no really i am.
 only take with you what you adore...like really adore.
i have been overwhelmed
way overdue photos...

sneak peeks at some of the art for my book!

girl with flower

dress detail

the completed painting is of a red wagon...love the saying...

so now that is summer i am trying to BREATHE..and continue packing....to complete my move the end of July....

i am teaching this fall  with ART IS YOU STAMFORD CT....and the after that ...for teaching?
i am not sure...i am sure i will be settled by then so there will be some teaching gigs, probs. small venues.
i will keep you posted...before FEB. i promise....
thank you for still stopping by and the book is looking very cool....i don't think i can say the title yet, but i do love it.
the book comes out MAY 2015 or maybe a bit before.
i will for sure be blogging before then.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

the longest winter ever, making art and shoveling....

this winter in New England has been the worst! freezing weather, lots of snow, dogs who are to cold to go out, you get the jest. I loved winter.. up until this year, cozy nights, early to bed....but this year no thank you, I am literally waiting for snow to melt. I have been working on my book ...due out spring 2015 with North Light books. Cranking on the mixed media painting....sending off boxes of art...and writing, lots of writing. 
You wanna see some art?

gritty little shoes....

kinda a Gritty little dress....

and a kindergarten chair...all in a row....

stay warm! think spring...and KEEP CALM AND PAINT ON!

xo sue

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

gritty little hearts....Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2014

well these paintings are tiny...not my usual way .....Somerset knows how to  photograph art so it looks like, well eye candy.....in this case shaped like hearts. I am not a girly girl, but that heart shape keeps creeping into my work all the time, sometimes sweet, often gritty, but a heart. go figure.

like a quote by me!

I love the way they stacked the little paintings and took a side shot!

always a thrill to see your work in print!

speaking of print.....I have been working non stop painting for my upcoming book with F&W Media...
if you were at myhouse at the holidays I would have probably toseed you a turkey leg and then ran upstairs o my studio to put another layer on a painting! but if you are in the groove....keep painting. took a few days off and will be back in my studio this weekend, working on some drawings for the book. xoxo sue

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stencil, Art and Snowstorms....

Hey all,
     Here is how my stencils came to be, it involves, well a bottle of wine, a snowstorm lots of heavy weight watercolor paper and well, a bottle of wine. Last Feb. (I live in New England) we had a major snowstorm....like snow for three days, roads closed, OMG why did I not buy the milk when I should have type.... of storm. My daughter was stuck at a friends house for three days and I was alone, with no school all schools (words every teacher wants to hear)...so I headed to my studio, with my bottle of wine. No milk. I started painting, like really painting, loose and free. Paint was flying, ink was flying, graphite was flying. A series came about...The Loose Woman.

 words were added...

more wine.

stencils with Stencil Girl Products

were created....which I loved, based on the paintings...

then some art created using my stencils

with mucho layering of fabrics, paints and inks...

me thinks the paintings using the stencils are some of my favorites....

so dance your dance, grab some stencils, grab a GLASS of wine, unless there is a blizzard then grab a bottle of wine.....and create some loose woman!!!

xoxoo sue
 follow the blog hop love....these ladies are the queens of stencils!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

hey guess what ? i am writing a book!

so excited! I am writing a book! A mixed media technique (lots of painting) using my imagery and color palette....many painting tips...how to use texture, well, everywhere...and rumor has it there will be perhaps a bit of humor in the book. (i hope i can pull that off). The book will come out spring 2015 with North Light Books ...who have thus far been amazing to work with! so winter is coming, i will literally painting up a storm! (please, many snow days)...and i have so many ideas flying about , that i cannot wait to get started...of course talk to me in a couple months...i will most certainly have gel medium in my hair, along with paint, and everything but the kitchen sink, but that is a good thing, as i am indeed most happy when walking around in paint splattered clothes.
 to keep in touch with me on a semi daily basis please join me at Facebook at Sue Pelletier and Sue Pelletier Art.
so with that...this is what i want to do....like more than anything, a dream come true....you are never to anything, to follow your dreams. make it happen. livin' the dream. xxooo sue

Friday, September 13, 2013

Loose Woman Series fall Somerset Studio.....

OH! and they printed one of my painting sections for the Artists Paper to use, at your convenience...i sorta really love that....you can use the piece in a collage, or a painting.... First of all it is totally a buzz to see your work in print...if you are thinking about sending work into a magazine ...GO for it! I just love this spread in Somerset Studio fall 2013....they love receiving art from new artists, and they are really nice...so stop stressing and send it! Here is a few pics of my spread...

the low down

the definition:


Artist Paper...inside the magazine....

if you are interested in taking this class LOOSE WOMAN i will be teaching in NYC at Little Bird Studio which is a favorite spot of mine to teach ....it is always a fun, intimate group...and i get to go to NYC and visit friends. if you are around the area you should check it out.

for now, happy September...i am back to teaching the little guys...and we are having fun in the art room....xoxox sue